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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 24, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. get ready for great videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." it's the father/daughter dance tugging at everyone's heartstrings. >> i'm choking. i'm holding back tears because it's so wonderful. >> now, meet the inspiring duo with all 0 the moves. >> oh. >> yeah. >> smile. >> traffic officers are just going about their day when this happened right in front of them. >> oh, no. what they say led to the five-car smash. >> a woman caught on camera, leaving something on a doorstep. >> infant wrapped up in nothing but a sheet. >> how long it took before the newborn was found safe and sound. >> and -- >> dude comes face to face with an owl in the kitchen so --
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>> he got his swiffer out. >> now the wise guy tells us how the stand-off went down. >> he wouldn't take his eyes off of you. >> i thought he was sucking my soul out. >> mckenzie, number 221. >> about to perform miley cyrus' "the climb" kenzi and her dad, mike. ♪ ♪ i can almost see it in a dream i'm dreaming there's a voice ♪ ♪ inside my head you'll never reach it♪ >> i don't know about you, i have a lard time, choking, holding back tears because it's so wonderful what mike is doing for his daughter who suffers from a disease which basically affects the cells in her body. responsible for about 90% of the energy needed by the body to sustain life and support growth.
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♪ ♪ on the other side >> i am absolutely tickled pink by what i'm seeing. something about a man having a little girl that just brings out the soft side of him. >> the dip, man, that's the best. >> they do have a go fund me page for a treatment that they believe could help kenzi survive the disease. talk to us more about the beautiful moment, we have both kenzi and mike via skype right this minute. >> who came up with moves? that's what i want to know. >> my wife choreographs them, i try to stay in step. ♪ i dance watching♪ >> something you do routinely at home? >> we've got to practice every now and then.
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we played cinderella five or six times, i picked her up and start dancing with her, she knows it's come, it's a joyous look and smile she knows we're about to dance. >> tell us about the treatment you're collecting funds for. >> it's supposed to regenerate brain cells, ones that are damaged. when she's in chamber it bills her cells, helps them out, makes them healthy cells. >> you're raising a lot of money what happen about all of the people showing support? >> we're in shock still. i couldn't believe it. i was like, i don't know what's going on. this is crazy. it's gone viral. it's just donations help out a lot. the handicap successful band is a major thing we need right now amazing how many people are supporting us and helping us out, it's great. >> if you pull your song now, will she know? >> you want me to dance with her? >> yeah. >> can you hear it? >> she's ready. >> she already grabbed my arm,
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she knew something's coming. >> beautiful little girl. >> just makes it all worth it. she gets that joy, just that spirit of love. ♪ i love it. it brings out the best in her. she's just a little adorable little girl, that's mybaby.! ye. >> she smiles. >> right place, right time, wild video. watch what happens here. >> oh, no. >> what a mess that left behind. >> huge crash, all captured on a camera mounted to a traffic officer's hat. a couple of officers out in queensland, australia, doing speed checks, this happened right in front of them. >> the car that lost control comes to rest in front of a
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child daycare center. other cars there were parked alongside the road. this woman inside the cab asking to see if this guy's okay. but then this one motorist, pretty upset. >> [ bleep ]? >> hey, hey. >> we saw it. we saw it. >> what did happen? what caused this crash? police officers believe that the man driving that pickup and trailer may have fallen asleep. >> oh, man. near a kindergarten. it's like -- >> dangerous situation to be driving when you're so tired. doesn't look like serious injuries in the crash. the man behind the wheel does seem to be disoriented. >> you all right? >> yeah. >> you sure? >> a lot of damage. he hit like five cars. >> this is one of those videos that's just going to make you through the roof mad.
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surveillance video from brazil, outside someone's home. here comes a woman by herself carrying something, you think she's dumping garbage in someone's yard. worse. in her arms, an infant wrapped up in nothing but a sheet. she is about to abandon this baby, leave it on someone. doorstep, ring the bell, high tail it out of there. the baby was out there by itself for more than ten hours. the baby's fine but you can see this guy comes out, opens the sheet, realizes this is a baby. of course you call authorities, do the right thing. >> they got a blanket or something. >> do whatever you can to save the child. police are conducting interviews to try to see if maybe somebody knows who this woman is, walking around with baby or after she dumped the child on this person's doorstep. >> you wonder what led to her feeling like she had to abon done this child. >> why on somebody's random d r
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doorst doorstep? why not a fire station, a hospital, some likelihood a child would get found right away? >> it breaks your heart. tons of people all over the world who would love to have this child, raise this child but it's just the worst way to go about it. northeast china, some beehives were destroyed and figured it might be some wild animals, but it was just one wild animal, and he was smarter than the average bear. talking about this black bear. we notice here in this video the bear topples over the beehive and quickly makes an exit because the bees were still in. it waited until the beehives were empty and came back. this bear destroyed 70 beehives looking for honey. this one's got an addiction. >> that's bad. >> but seriously, ever tried raw honey? it's delicious. >> too good. >> then there's lego, lego likes
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cheese puffs. who doesn't? lego put his hand in the cheeto jar, and you can see lego's stuck. >> poor thing. i feel bad for him. treat was delicious but this is humiliating. >> don't feel bad for the dog, he wasn't minding nose deep in cheese balls. >> the dog rescued itself. >> quite tasty apparently. >> two people find an abandoned and scared dog hiding under a trailer. >> looks like an old dirty mop. >> looks terrible. >> a little patience and love give this poor pooch a second chance. >> he's playing. he's actually playing. >> ever felt like working out after falling down? >> what? >> this is an ad for the wonder core. the weird ad that will have you absolutely amazed.
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>> i want it in my house tomorrow. >> undercooked. toto y youou...... ththey're momorere t thahana pet so protect them, with k9k9 advantix ll itit's's b broroadad s spepm protection kills fleas, ticksks a andd mosquitoes too. k9k9 a advdvanantitix l fofor r ththe e loloveve o g
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like us on, stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. >> looking to adopt a dog, get your pen and paper ready because this might be your pet when this doggy was first spotted in compton, california, hope for paws, under this trailer and it
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looked like this. >> looks like an old, dirty mop. >> he looks terp. >> just abandoned, too by owners? >> it was abandoned by its owners. they moved away a year ago and just left him behind to fend for itself. and you can see that he's terrified. tries to catch him with the rope, finally is able to, when he does, you see how mortified this dog is. the dog is squealing. it does not want to be touched. nips a little bit but he waits until the dog calms down enough where he can actually pick him up. >> i wish we could communicate with this dog and say, look, we know how he rolls, you'll be okay. >> they give him a nice haircut, bath. his name is theo. the part that's heartbreaking is this here, you can tell how
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broken down little doggy is. >> oh! >> man. >> gee, he looks so sad. >> he did find a foster parent through must scouts and this is him two weeks after he was found. >> he's playing. he's actually playing. >> cute to see them. >> he's super happy now, but he's available. >> if you are interested, reach out. >> see how much difference a little love can make. >> and a shave and a haircut all help an awful lot. >> got to see this fellow here in the yellow shirt. backing up his buddy. >> oh, man. >> no good deed goes un ununpunish ununpunished. >> but wait. ♪ >> it's an ad. ♪ >> what? ♪ >> this look likes some sort of fight between a couple. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> this is an ad for the wonder core, it's like an ab machine to strengthen your core. everybody knows having a strong core is what it's all about. >> i'm worried about the spousal abuse go on here. >> gayle, you're right. >> it's fixes men's marriages. >> seems to defy gravity. >> i want it in my house tomorrow. >> wonder core. ♪ >> got this other ad which you're seeing here with this creepy music. it's the same guy getting crushed by the wrecking ball. here he is in like a fight. >> slow motion. i don't know what it has to do with the wonder core. >> this is what life was like before the wonder core. ♪ >> snakes on a trail but it's
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all just a prank. >> i'm surprised it's that effective. >> next "right this minute." still to come -- he uses a hit song to pop the question. but that's not the only surprise. everybody else there on the rock kind of starts to chime in. everybody else. waitful you see how many people. >> see the big moment with an even bigger reaction. ♪ you and i >> plus -- pushing the summer slippin' slide over the edge. >> quite a drop-off! >> why taking the plunge is so much fun.
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>> closed captioning provided by -- there's an app for rtm. get it on your iphone, ipad, android device, then watch videos anytime, anywhere you are. summertime without a slip 'n slide just isn't summer. take a trip through canyons of
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lake powell. what's this guy doing? dumping himself with soap, grabbing water, because they've got a slip 'n slide on the cliff. down he goes. >> whoa, that's quite a drop-off. >> the slip 'n slide that they builts a big, thick mat. it's a big pad. they're not just crashing down on hard rock. >> almost like a gymnastics pad. >> looks like a ton of fun. everybody out there. now if it looks like fun and everybody's having big smiles -- >> supertramp. >> no. >> no? >> this on youtube channel but this is not shot by devon. but shot by devon's team. >> he can afford a team now? >> yeah, in the style of. >> in the style of it, looks similar, people having a great time. smooth shots. they have a behind the scenes video to show how they set it up what kind of cameras they use,
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interesting. >> devon's team, they dress like devon. they're like devon doppelganger. >> right. looks like him. yeah. >> there are similarities. if you're concerned, they use biodegradable soap. >> okay. >> if you want to see the video and behind the scenes video, go to, click on the show. use our mobile app as well. >> take note, ladies love a picnic. >> true. >> that's what this dude james is going to done he's going to take his girlfriend anna out on a picnic to somewhere special in yorkshire in the uk. beautiful. >> really put thought into this. lady likes that. >> also put some flower there's, nice bouquet of flowers ahead of time. shooting it with a gopro, a chest camera that he made. >> this is not your average
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picnic. >> a man with a guitar. >> somebody pops out. >> also a little ukulele by the flower. he picks it up ♪ >> begins playing the song "you and i," ingrid michaelson. beautiful song. everybody else there on the rocks kind of starts to chime in. everybody elsewhere? >> wait until you see how many people? ♪ ♪ you and i you and i♪ >> people coming from behind the rocks, all joining in. now there's tons of people out there. ♪ >> she lost it. >> yeah. >> picture of giddy. ♪ you and i you and i♪ >> oh. >> and the big moment, he gets down on one knee.
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>> will you marry me? >> i think she wanted to say yes the minute they got on those rocks. >> so much emotion from her. this is nothing but a great song, family, friends, and a lot of love. she was just beaming. >> i love this. i love this. >> will you marry me. >> yes! >> this man hollers about a hooter in his house. find out how the owl's stand-off ends. >> it's okay. please don't give me that look. >> it's not even blinking.
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood.
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he can run and jump over everything. >> moves like a superhero. >> i'm about to show you internet gold. there is something in colton wright's kitchen. can you see what's on the blind in the window? >> looks like an owl. >> it's an owl. oh! >> plan. >> he says for 40 minute his tried to figure out how to get the owl out of the kitchen, he
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was unsuccessful hl they got the swiffer out. the owl climbs on the swor and removes it from the kitchen. >> don't give me that look. oh [ bleep ], oh, [ bleep ]. please don't fly. oh my -- >> oh! >> it is not even blinking. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> i'm really glad that this is how it all worked out looks like they came to terms with each other. >> the wise old owl said, i can't get out on my own, i'm going to use your swiffer help. >> took him 40 minutes to come to terms with the thing. two short videos. we wondered what happened in the 40 minutes between those. we have colton wright "right this minute" via skype.
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what happened in 40 minutes? >> i walked into the house, my cat brought the owl into the house. the first video, first ten seconds of me screaming that was me the whole 40 minutes leading up to the owl on the swifer. >> traumatic for you and the owl. what was it like to see the animal up close? >> amazing. seeing something like this up close awesome. >> what are your friends saying about your on camera freak out. >> they loved it. my friends, they were the ones that put it online, everybody wants more of it. >> you lost the staring contest. >> i definite lost. there's no competition when it comes to an owl. >> what was it like when he wouldn't take his eyes off of you. >> i thought he was suck my soul out. honestly, an intense moment. i thought was he going to fly, get hurt or something i wanted him to stay as safe as possible. >> what does the cat have to say about all of this? >> the cat, it's just another day for him. >> where was the cat during this
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event? did he walk away? >> pretty much. i hope the owl's okay. i want to make sure he's not in pain. >> you stared it down, lived to see another day, impressive. >> impressive. [ bleep ]. yeah! >> that's going to do it for us here "right this minute." see you next time. female announcer: when you see this truck, female announcer: it means another neighbor is going to sleep better tonight because they went to sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic event. choose from a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, including the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. plus, get 36 months interest-free financing, two free pillows, and free same-day delivery. are you next?
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everybody, i'm beth troutman. we've been searching the web for the best videos of the day. we've got them nor you "right this minute." trapped in tar. >> it's sticky. it's thick. a death sentence for these sheep, if not for these rescuers. >> the struggle to free sheep from the mess. >> a scenic motorcycle ride turns ugly when -- >> right about here something goes really bad. see how when one goes down, they all go down. imagine rolling up to